Mending Technology

Reimagining Technology Through Brujería and Ancestral Teachings

Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda

Through the lens of indigenous futurism, Gaby will help us reimagine technology in contexts that are free of oppressive colonialism.

Using a Twine game, Gaby will explore how technology is seen as “new/advanced” but indigenous traditions are seen as “old/outdated” when in fact the two can coexist. She’ll go over different forms of expression of technology/AI in videogames, examples that successfully showcase technological advancement, as well as examples that emulate colonialist behaviours.

Indigenous futurisms can help mend the gap that exists between technology and indigenous cultures as a result of colonialist attitudes – learn how.

About Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda

Gaby Aveiro-Ojeda is an artist, speaker, and gamemaker.

They currently reside in Toronto, Canada, where they create art based around expressions of latinidad, witchcraft, and ancestral traditions. Their latest project, DON’T WAKE THE NIGHT, is a 2D point-and-click game funded by the Ontario Art Council’s Emerging Media Artist grant and the Toronto Arts Council Media Artist grant.

Gaby is also a co-director at Dames Making Games, a non-for-profit arts organization dedicated to supporting non-binary and women creators in making, playing, and changing games.

This talk is part of the Damage Camp conference on September 8.