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A conference celebrating Toronto’s uniquely diverse and collaborative games community!

Two days filled with games, workshops and amazing talks from game designers, developers, writers, producers and artists carving a path for themselves and a community.

September 7-8, 2018 • Toronto Media Arts Centre • 32 Lisgar Street

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Friday, September 7


$65 each / $35 with conference pass / $25 DMG members

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User Interface Design

Aesthetic Functionality

Meeting Room 111am – 1pm

Tabby Rose Nate Davis

In this workshop, Tabby Rose and Nate Davis will teach the basics of graphic design and typography for creating accessibility-first UI in games, and show introductory implementation of UI features in Unity including an overview of industry-standard free plugins that can help get you started.

Body Language in Games

Lessons from Animation and Acting

Meeting Room 15pm – 7pm

Leisha-Marie Riddel

Emotions add deeper context to all kinds of video games that feature characters, but can be difficult to communicate visually. Learn how to exploit body language cues and use them as shorthand in your game. Participants will learn body language principles from the animation and acting worlds, and explore translating and applying this knowledge to video games.

The Collisions of Shadow of the Colossus

Deconstructing Sorcery

DMG Workshop1pm – 4pm

Ahmed Elgoni

In this workshop we try to figure out how the collision in the game Shadow of the Colossus works, rebuilding the collision system in Unity. The aim is to understand the problem solving process instead of only focusing on the technical details.

Material Mayhem!

Intermediate Shaders and Materials in Unity and Unreal

DMG Workshop4pm – 6pm

Greg Puzniak

The focus of this workshop will not be on how to achieve photo-realistic PBR materials so much as ways to use shaders and materials to achieve interesting effects. Participants will spend the first portion of the session getting familiar with the node-based material editors inside Unity and Unreal. This will cover normal-direction-based effects such as matcaps and snow. We’ll then take a very high-level peek at writing shader code in Unity to give attendees context into their inner-workings by inflating some objects and going over simple cel-shading. Then, we’ll dive into more complicated shader/vfx setups, reviewing examples of render-texture-based effects, geometry shaders, and compute shaders.

For intermediate/advanced 3D artists that are hitting a wall with how to control the look of their in-game assets as well as anyone who is interested in getting into shaders!

Exploring Weird Unity for Artists and Beginners

DMG Workshop10am – 1pm

Sagan Yee

Experimental game designer Sagan Yee will present a grab-bag of techniques for making weird, offbeat games in Unity. Aimed at game curious beginners who may have dabbled with the engine before, but aren’t sure how to jump in and start making cool things, participants will take away some fun techniques including: Using the Billboard script on looping 2D animation in 3D space, building a small world in SketchUp, and putting videos on spheres! The instructor will provide pre-made scenes and objects to work with.

Creating Physical Worlds and Magical Interactions Using NFC

Meeting Room 12pm – 5pm

Alenn Predko

This workshop will focus on how to set up a NFC environment using an Arduino and a RC522 RFID module to create simple interactions. Participants will be shown how to trigger lighting, audio, and other simple sensors using NFC.


Saturday, September 8


$95 / $35 DMG members

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You Need the Community

Creating a Game Design Workshop for Indigenous Youth

Meagan Byrne Travis Mercredi Gabrielle Hughes Yifat Shaik

Cross-Pollinated Pixels

Cultural Exchange Between Games and Experimental Film

Daniel McIntyre

Mending Technology

Reimagining Technology Through Brujeria and Ancestral Teachings

Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda

This Team Sucks

The Inevitable Failure State of Toxic Masculinity

Nicolas Barrière-Kucharski

Collaboration & Communication

It's Cool!

Priscilla Snow

Keynote Address


Claudia Cornali-Motta


Friday, September 7 – Saturday, September 8


Free and open to the public

  1. □■□■□ The Solitary Confinement of an Original Musical Genius □■□■□■□ Xavier Ekkel
  2. Sokodice Lee Tran
  3. Domovoy Level Playing Feels
  4. Without A Roof Karen Vanderborght
  5. Welcome to New Lux Plaza Sagan Yee
  6. Untitled Oculus Launch Pad game Karlo Feliciano
  7. Sync Eleanor Chan
  8. Meateor! Max Lander
  9. Fortune Tasker Alenn Predko Nadine Lessio
  10. Dating Pool: A card game about, well... dating! Joel Burgess Julieta Colás
  11. Boyfriend Dungeon Kitfox Games
  12. Arithmagic Shahrin Khan
  13. Memory Blocks Ghoulnoise
  14. Quench Axon Interactive
  15. The Unfathomable Anthology Unfathomable Siblinghood
  16. Untitled VR project Mermaid Heavy Industries
  17. Sol Hemochroma Aether Interactive
  18. A Summer with the Shiba Inu Quill Studios


The Toronto Media Arts Centre is a 30,000 square foot centre for film, video, games, and community in the heart of West Queen West – home to arts nonprofits including Dames Making Games!

🗺 32 Lisgar Street

♿️ Barrier-free, accessible space

🚗 Parking in the building

🚃 Queen St West @ Abell St streetcar stop

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