Damage Camp

A one-day gathering by and for Toronto’s games community.

A half day of talks and discussion followed by hands-on workshops to empower participants to create interactive and playful work for ourselves and for people like us. A free public arcade will showcase new experimental games by our members.

We built DMG together as an alternative space for Toronto game designers on the margins to find solidarity, tools for survival, peer support – and a place of our own to have fun and create games freely.

Eight years on, we’re wondering: What happens if we start to deploy our collective power to permanently undermine the harmful assumptions, practices, and social and cultural barriers to broad inclusion of identities and ideas in indie and mainstream games?

Damage Camp is a space to explore how our community – structurally marginalized artists, collectives, technologists, and DIY creators working in play – can do damage to the systems that keep our voices out of tech and game spaces.

Join us for a day of frank and practical discussion about breaking down broken ways of making games, taking action, repairing tools and platforms, and caring for one another through it all.