Damage Camp is a festival of games and ideas, celebrating Toronto’s unique games community – the game designers, developers and artists who are creating the world’s most compelling experiences, building great studios, and making sure everyone can participate in games culture by prioritizing diverse expression & identities.


  • 9:30am Registration Grab your camp knapsack + badge, and enjoy some delicious coffee and treats from Simit & Chai!
  • 10:00am Welcome! With Lauren Howes (CFMDC executive director and TMAC advisor), Jennie Robinson Faber (DMG executive director), and Damage Camp team
  • 10:15am Meagan Byrne Between Two Worlds: How Wanisinowin|Lost Navigates Cultural Belonging Through Video Game Mechanics
  • 10:50am Emily Flynn-Jones This talk is co-authored by my anxiety and agoraphobia: getting to grips with mental illness while making things and playing stuff
  • 11:40am Osama Dorias The 'Slims: A How-To Guide to Representing Muslims in Video Games
  • 12:15pm Rachel Kahn & Daniel Kwan Why You Should Be Using Tabletop RPGs in Your Classroom (and Beyond!)
  • 2:05pm Rokashi Edwards & Liesl A. Speed Talk! Let's👏🏾Talk👏🏾Fast👏🏾: Sonic and Speed Culture
  • 2:30pm Alex Zandra Van Chestein Speed Talk! What Speedrunning Taught Me About Game Design
  • 3:00pm Mic Fok, Alex Bull + Kim Koronya Panel Consider Your Viewers - How Can Esports Be Viewer Friendly? Moderated by Jonathan Levstein.
  • 3:50pm Derek Quenneville The "Golden" Age of Localization aka Wait, Which of the Three Completely Different Bubble Bobble Twos Are You Talking About?
  • 4:25pm Harriet Horobin-Worley Grand Gamers: Design, Accessibility and Community Management for Older Gamers
  • 5:10pm Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda Refining an Art Style to Reflect Character Diversity
  • 5:45pm Cindy Poremba, Peter Kingstone + Kim Gibson Panel Not Even Your Final Form: Positioning Your Game For Funding, Festivals and GrantsModerated by Henry Faber.
  • 6:45pm Closing Remarks 👋 A few words from the Damage Camp team.
  • 7:00pm – 9:00pm Arcade + Goodbyes! Hang out with new and old pals, play some games in the arcade, then head over to the Gladstone Hotel to check out DMG co-director Yifat Shaik's installation, FAKE VR, for Fly By Night – part of Nuit Blanche!


The arcade will be open in the main galleries from 1:00pm-9:00pm.

  • A Mortician's Tale Laundry Bear Games
  • Anthrotari J. C. Holder
  • Autowrong Nuha Alkadi
  • Bubble Trouble Jillian Wakarchuk & Jesse Gazic
  • Captive Portal: Customs and Border Protection S Friend
  • Dispirited Jesse DeNobrega & Marishka Zachariah
  • Golem Longbow Games
  • Laundry Hill Crows Crows Crows
  • Localhost Aether Interactive
  • Micro Mash F'nO
  • Quench Axon Interactive
  • Real Army Simulator The Really Serious Game Company
  • Solace State Vivid Foundry (Tanya Kan)
  • Speed Dating for Ghosts Copychaser Games
  • TENSION: Snakes and Ladders Diana Poulsen
  • Wanisinowin | Lost Meagan Byrne