Exploring Weird Unity for Artists and Beginners

DMG WorkshopSeptember 7, 10am – 1pm

Sagan Yee

Experimental game designer Sagan Yee will present a grab-bag of techniques for making weird, offbeat games in Unity. Aimed at game curious beginners who may have dabbled with the engine before, but aren’t sure how to jump in and start making cool things, participants will take away some fun techniques including: Using the Billboard script on looping 2D animation in 3D space, building a small world in SketchUp, and putting videos on spheres! The instructor will provide pre-made scenes and objects to work with.

About Sagan Yee

Sagan Yee is an experimental game designer and director of the Hand Eye Society. Her artistic practice includes animation, screen-based digital games, and alternative controller collaborations. Currently she is working on a vaporwave Star Fox 64 clone called Welcome to New Lux Plaza.

This event is part of Damage Camp workshop day, happening on Friday, September 7.