Prototyping Game Design

DMG WorkshopSeptember 8, 5pm – 8pm

Emily Care Boss

Epidiah Ravachol

Interested in designing a tabletop role playing game, board or card game? Playstorming is a way to take your initial idea and make it real to see what works. Analog game designers Emily Care Boss (Romance Trilogy, Bubblegumshoe) and Epidiah Ravachol (Dread, Swords without Master) will share principals for this design exercise, and guide groups in tackling an idea or two that participants bring. We’ll provide prototyping materials (dice, counters, paper, writing utensils, playing cards etc.). You bring an idea or willingness to help someone else explore something new.

About Emily Care Boss

Emily Care Boss is an analog game designer and conservationist from western Massachusetts. She independently published the Diana Jones Award-nominated Romance Trilogy. This and her other games can be found at

About Epidiah Ravachol

Epidiah Ravachol is an author and game designer known for Dread, the horror roleplaying game that uses Jenga, and his fiction published in the sword and sorcery magazine Worlds Without Master. He resides in the Northeast of the United States of America with his wife and fellow game designer Emily Care Boss and their constellation of space wizards.

This event is part of Damage Camp workshop day, happening on Friday, September 7.