Material Mayhem!

Intermediate Shaders and Materials in Unity and Unreal

DMG WorkshopSeptember 7, 4pm – 6pm

Greg Puzniak

This workshop is for any intermediate 3d artist hitting a wall with how to control the look of their in-game assets as well as anyone interested in getting vertices and pixels doing fun things!

Participants will spend the first portion of the session with the node-based material editors inside Unity and Unreal picking apart world-space, normal-based, and vertex displacement effects such as snow and matcaps. Afterwards we’ll take a quick high-level peek at shader code in Unity while going over how some effects such as cel-shading and fur are often made.

In the second portion we’ll build a simple grass effect using the shader graphs and make it wiggle and jiggle with render-texture-based effects while referencing what the code would look like under the hood!


Laptops and versions of Unity 2018.2.x and/or Unreal 4.20.x will be provided but participants are welcome to bring their own equipment with those versions. Participants are encouraged to try their hand at both engines but are more than welcome to stick to one if they prefer. The instructor will provide completed shaders/material graphs and versions in various states of completion for participants to poke and prod.

About Greg Puzniak

Greg Puzniak is a Toronto-based game developer. He’s gotten to cover a good deal of generalist ground as a modeler, rigger, animator, VFX artist, and lighter. Currently he is a Technical Artist focusing on mobile, AR, VR, and theatre projects.

This event is part of Damage Camp workshop day, happening on Friday, September 7.