This Team Sucks

The Inevitable Failure State of Toxic Masculinity

Nicolas Barrière-Kucharski

Games, being developed primarily in male dominated spaces, need to join the liberation from toxic masculinity. Male developers and players, if not confronted, are defaulted and expected to go along with this “team”. This leads to the expected end goal and failure of toxic masculinity: harm is inflicted. An alternate avenue to more inclusive game spaces is not only allowing traditionally marginalized voices to grow: it also means men must come to understand that the default models of masculinity are inherently unhealthy.

About Nicolas Barrière-Kucharski

Nicolas Barrière-Kucharski is a game designer, community organizer, and writer at large. Since 2010 his work has ran the gamut across mobile, independent and VR circles. Nicolas has performed many design roles such as game, level, systems, narrative, as well as user experience, creative direction, PR, marketing and community management. An ardent proponent of a more inclusive games industry, Nicolas annually co-organizes GameLoop Montreal: an unconference with the goal of creating new avenues of discourse regarding the craft, development, and culture of games. In his spare time, he composes and collaborates on traditional and interactive short fiction.

This talk is part of the Damage Camp conference on September 8.