Doubleclassing in Zines and Tabletop RPGs

Shel Kahn

Shel Kahn writes small system-agnostic dnd adventures, and packages them – including tabletop gaming peripherals like fabric maps – in custom pencil cases. Shel will go over the unique context of the indie scenes in tabletop games, and talk about mentorship and zinester attitude that helped her get them made and released. Self-publishing resources will be shared!

About Shel Kahn

Shel Kahn illustrates for, playtests, writes and educates in tabletop RPGs, videogames, comics and fiction. You can see her art in the upcoming Yellow King RPG, the Six Ages videogame, and in Strange Horizons. Shel Kahn also self-publishes small system-agnostic adventures in her Pocket Dungeons format, including The Corruption of Pelursk and Keep on the Shining Isle. You can learn more about her artwork at and pick up her games, artwork and comics like By Crom! at

This talk is part of the Damage Camp conference on September 8.