Cross-Pollinated Pixels

Cultural Exchange Between Games and Experimental Film

Daniel McIntyre

As a celluloid-based experimental filmmaker, Daniel stumbled into the independent games community by accident, at a time when he needed it most. New to games, he found a kinship among a new community and was struck by the deep similarities that exist between artists’ moving image and independent games.

In this talk, Daniel will explore how experimental film and dating sims/indie games are very similar in terms of art practice, narrative exploration, information delivery, and expression and essay techniques by looking at dating sims, VR essays, and interactive diaries through a queer experimental filmmaker’s perspective (and maybe a little plant metaphor).

Explore examples from both the film and game industries and discuss the natural crossover and cross-pollination that exists already, and hear the case for deeper collaboration between the two.

Daniel will also discuss that the way we exhibit these works, arguing that we should invite both communities to view works in each other’s methods of exhibition, and expand the way we approach each critically.

About Daniel McIntyre

Daniel McIntyre is a celluloid-based artist working with concepts of memory, identity, and history. Working with hand-processing, found footage, and photographic technique, his work involves a crucial connection between visual structure and subject matter. McIntyre holds an MFA from York University and exhibits worldwide at venues including Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage, The National Gallery of Art, Cinémathèque québécoise, The British Film Institute, the Istanbul Modern, and the Museum of the Moving Image. He is currently experimenting with organic film chemistry, animation techniques, and formal structures.

This talk is part of the Damage Camp conference on September 8.